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Para Olympics Event

Laurentia Tan, Singapore’s silver and bronze medalist for the para Olympics Equestrian competition

seen here at the opening ceremony and when she rode her TravelScoot to receive the medals.

Our heartiest congratulations to Laurentia.  What started all of this was when Laurentia’s father

saw a TravelScoot in Singapore.  Visited with Nat Cheang of Rugged Tree (distributor for the region)

to view and evaluate the scooter.  Saw how how compact and ultra portable it could be when

collapsed for transportation.  The nimbleness, trendy look and its light weight features won

Mr. Tan over.  What a surprise gift it was for Laurentia.  All in time for her to use at the para-Olympics.

Microsoft Event

TravelScoot really revolutionize your lifestyle.  Where once, you may have been inhibited because

of the lack of mobility.  TravelScoot enables you to resume some of these liberties.  Live your

life, enjoy it.


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Who Can Benefit from a Mobility Scooter?

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