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“I just love the scooter, it plans my day, so far 3 of 3, I have found an excuse to go out and about, exploring places I haven’t been to in years because I can’t walk that far …..the malls, supermarkets, parks, friends……”

Louise Strickland

” I have to tell you what a blessing the scooter has been for me! the freedom it has given me!!! now I can go out with my husband!!!! we can do things now that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.

I have been stopped, and asked tons of questions… With the biggest smile I share the story, and the blessing.

I go shopping by myself (I still on occasion take the husband along) Life is ever sooooo great!

May God richley bless you for this awesome scooter.

Blessings, ”

Keitt & Kathy Miller

“I received the TravelScoot and used it at the Orange County Fair…11am to 9:30pm… with no problems!  The narrow width of the unit makes getting around crowded areas a breeze!

Fantastic product!



“Now, let me tell you about our trip we just returned from, a cruise out of Venice, using Travelscoot.

That lithium-ion battery is amazing.

I zipped around the airports in Las Vegas, JFK, Venice and the lengthy process of boarding the cruise ship, and the battery was still going strong…and I weigh 260 pounds.

Your new advice about gate checking the Travelscoot worked perfectly at all airports… Las Vegas, JFK and Venice. The only deviation from your suggestions was that I carried the lithium-ion battery in its battery bag onto the plane with us rather than leave it on the scooter since it was so light. I felt better about having it in the climate-controlled cabin with us.

On board ship, the TravelScoot made my cruise…..I could go everywhere and do everything. The most useless thing I had on board ship was my cane….I never used it.

Thank you for inventing such a wonderful means of transport. The combination of the TravelScoot and that special lithium-ion battery made such a difference in my trip experience.”


“Just received my TravelScoot yesterday.

So far… LOVE IT!  I want to thank you for inventing this scooter. It is truly revolutionary.

I am a polio/post-polio victim. TravelScoot will open up a whole new world of leisure options for me.

I’m a retired chemistry teacher, and my wife just recently retired. Now we can look forward to years of easier travel thanks to you and the TravelScoot.”

Lee Cordrey

“I went out today shopping with my husband and we went to places I haven’t been able to get around for over a year.

I absolutely LOVE your TravelScoot and it was worth waiting for.   It’s beautifully designed and I love how light it is.

I know that it will make an massive difference to my life.

Thank you.
Kind Regards”

Julie Whyman, UK

“This is not an inquiry, but more in the nature of a ‘testimonial’.

A wide and diverse group of friends recently joined together to purchase one of your scooters for a dear friend, who could not have afforded this on her own. Together, we bought the scooter for her and it was a smash success.

In her own words, her independence has been restored.

She recently used the scooter on a trip to her doctor’s office, located within a hospital complex. This was the first time she was able to do the trip on her own, without exhaustion. She didn’t have to depend on anyone else’s schedule or to devote hours of their day to assist her. She was able to park the car in any lot, not worry about being close enough, and was able to negotiate the long hospital corridors, arriving at her doctor’s appointment without being exhausted from having to walk through hallways.

Everyone stopped to ask her about the scooter – they had not seen anything like it before. Two women in electric wheelchairs expressed amazement, people opened doors, and there were even people ready to help her load the scooter in the car.

I can not thank you enough for putting together this type of a product, that has made such a huge difference to my dearest friend.


Ruth Sovronsky

I find the engineering to be elegant, the materials and construction to be excellent and the TravelScoot very easy to ride.

Having ridden motorcycles and bicycles for years, the twist throttle and the hand breaks are second nature to me and needed no practice to get used to.

I’m a 76 year old man with a lot of arthritis. I can hardly walk the length of a block, but I’m still able to drive, and I load the TravelScoot the trunk and take it anywhere I want.  My TravelScoot got me everywhere we wanted to go with great ease and comfort. We are both delighted.

Many thanks for you great little scooter. It’s worth every penny.


David Zeitlin

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